Masterpiece Paintings by the World's Greatest Living Master's

About the school of Bianco


What is the School of Bianco? Living Master's who have the rare talent to paint "brush-stroke" for "brush-stroke" re-creatiions of the World's most sought after and renowned art.

Every oil painting, from the School of Bianco, is a masterpiece in itself. Priceless treasures.

What Price? Priceless!

Rare paintings in today's market easily sell for tens, hundreds-of-thousands, even millions-of-dollars. Many are in museums and private collections are not available at any price . 

Bianco and his school of living masters hand-paint extraordinary works at realistic prices. 

The best the world has to offer!

The paintings above are not the originals. The Bouchet above and all of the works you will see on this site were hand-painted (oil on canvas or board) by a member of our fine school, the only network of artists so talented in the world.  Whether you would love to own a Renoir, Picasso, or want to have a portrait painted, you can stop looking, you've found  the"very best the world has to offer" 


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Drop us a line!

Many within our school do not speak many languages, therefore it is far better for your first communications with us to be by email. For a quote on a painting, simply send a jpeg of the painting you want to have re-created or a jpeg of the person you would like to have a portrait painted of along with the size. We will be back to you within twenty-four hours regardless of where you might live. Works generally take two to three months to deliver

Masterpiece Paintings by Living Masters

Price List

No "sittings" required

The Steps We Take

Training, More Training, Graduation

There is no substitute for education and no education that takes more time and dedication than learning  to make your brush paint what your eye's see. r.bianco

Photorealism Defined

An artist becomes a master when a person's  eye can capture more than a lens and they can re-create exactly what they see.

First Step: Artistic Photographs

Our artists can paint what they see and more. The quality will be far better than a photograph, but a great photograph is where our work begins. 

Weeks of Preparation

Freehand slashes of light, combined with a vision of the final outcome, is something that can be taught only to those who have born capabilities. Our school is small; the reason is because those who have such talent are few.

Grading by a Master

Each,  of the many phases a painting goes through until it reaches near perfection is studied and graded by a master with final approval mandatory before a painting is complete. Only then will a painting from the school of Bianco be a painting for sale.   


Customers who have commissioned works have the final say. All work is guaranteed to be no less than as perfect as the photograph we painted from but most say our paintings are far better. 


Rob White (r.bianco) began studying art at the age of 5. At that time, he became an apprentice to a college art teacher ( a master artist with the unique genius to paint brush stroke for brush stroke re-creations of masterpiece works of art in the exact style of the master he copied.  Robb after decades or study, mastered what he'd been taught. At 72, he continues to paint true masterpieces while overseeing a small group of international artist with extraordinary capabilities.  Robb signs his works r.bianco or when requested Robb or Robb White. The artist working with him, the "School of Bianco" offer the best of the best fine art at affordable prices as exemplified here. For more details please contact the school at

Thank you for visiting our site. The painting you see are all paintings produced by Bianco and the School.